For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about fashion. I’ve always been sensitive to art, colour, and texture—as though they are a part of me. Inspired by fashion icons like Jeanne Beker, Rachel Zoe, and Patricia Field, I was drawn to the world of design, creativity, and artistic expression. I embraced this world, developing a unique and constantly evolving style of my own. Under pressure to do something practical I studied accounting, but numbers and office work didn’t inspire me nearly as much as the time I spent creating my portfolio, working with individual clients, and dreaming of the day when I would start my own fashion consultancy.

I firmly believe that everyone has a unique personal style. When I work with a client, my aim is not to change her, but to draw out that which makes her unique and express it through fashion. By exposing my clients to new fashion ideas, I empower them to experiment and expand their horizons. Helping my clients through this process of discovery and creation is what I love most about my job. To me, fashion is art, and every new client is a blank canvas.


Personal Consultation
You will be walked through a few style exercises and so will we discuss your lifestyle and how it currently relates to your wardrobe. During our consultation, your measurements will be taken and your colors will be analyzed in order to distinguish the styles, cuts and colors that serve you best.


Closet Purge
We will go through every piece of your wardrobe and determine what should be done with it — is it a keeper, does it need to be altered, or should you just get rid of it? Time will be taken to learn what styles and cuts look best on you based on your body shape. Re-organizing your closet will also be of the essence for easier dressing.


Outfit Coordination
With me, you will learn to shop your existing wardrobe and puts together current and exciting outfits based on your personal style. We will mix and match different combinations. The aim is to get complete looks and to increase your wardrobe’s efficiency.


Personal Shopping
The ultimate shopping experience, without stress is what you will get from me. When together, shopping will become a learning experience on style, cuts and fits. The sole items that will be selected and taken home will be the ones that suit your style, body shape and coloring. The most appropriate location to shop will be primarily selected in order to be to most efficient and to respect your budget. Shopping for you on my own is also available for those busy men and women. Delivered right to your door, the selected items will be for you to try in the comfort and privacy of your home.


Creative Photoshoot, Television, Video, Editorial
Clothing, makeup, hair and accessories make a tremendous difference when it comes to movies, fashion editorial and any creative fashion endeavours. Styling for such projects calls for experts and this is where I come in. An initial meeting is the key to understanding the point of view to be expressed in the final output. Styling your project will not only take place on set but days before as I will be shopping and researching prior the shooting day to make sure that your vision comes to life.


One Stop Shop
For the designers, boutique owners (online or not), event planners or regular businesses, realizing any of your projects will now be the simplest thing. With me, not only will I style any of your models or personnel but an entire army can tag along with me to ensure the easy flow of your project from A to Z. Photographers, models, hairdressers, makeup artists, hosts, actors, dancers you name it, will come in a one package deal, depending on your needs, to create the visual masterpiece you seek.



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